Latest Ads 2017

Tony Evers for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction

As you can see in this ad from the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, Tony Evers is the best choice for Superintendent of Public Instruction. He has done more with less, improved academic standards and put an emphasis on technical and career education. Wisconsin Public Schools need Tony Evers.

We deserve better
than Ed Brooks and Todd Novak

In this ad from the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, it is clear that Rep. Ed Brooks and Rep. Todd Novak are putting the needs of millionaires ahead of local public schools in their districts.

Kathy Bernier shows little to no interest in doing what is right for her district

In this ad from the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, it is clear that Rep. Kathy Bernier would rather give out tax breaks to millionaires than helping the working people of her district. Her focus on tax cuts for millionaires means that investments in local roads and public schools take a backseat to giveaways to the wealthy.

Dan Feyen is making the wrong choices

In this ad from the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, it is clear that Dan Feyen will make the wrong choices when it comes to funding local roads and public schools. Instead, he has promised to continue tax cuts for the wealthy that are taking money away from our communities.

Dan Feyen has the wrong priorities

In this ad from the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, it is clear that Dan Feyen is willing shortchange the future of our schoolchildren and vital local infrastructure to pay for expensive tax breaks for the wealthy. His priorities for the the future are not what we need.

Greater Wisconsin Political Fund

The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund is a section 527 political organization that sponsors hard-hitting issue advocacy advertisements involving Wisconsin state and local public officials. As an independent political organization, the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund continuously conducts aggressive grassroots and media campaigns on the important public policy issues facing Wisconsin.

We were established by the Greater Wisconsin Committee
and we share its public policy objectives:

  • Improving the state's economy for all Wisconsin citizens
  • Protecting public education
  • Creating and retaining good paying jobs
  • Helping to make health care more affordable and accessible
  • Protecting state and local funding for public education, police and fire, and other vital services
  • Protecting Wisconsin's clean land, air and water.
  • Preserving and improving Wisconsin's quality of life.
  • Promoting open, honest and clean government in Wisconsin.

Through its media campaigns...

Through its media campaigns, the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund works to raise public awareness on the positions and actions of our public officials - all in support of its ongoing efforts to hold these public officials more accountable to the citizens of Wisconsin.

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As an independent organization...

Greater Wisconsin Political Fund does not work in cooperation with any state or local candidate in Wisconsin or with any individual or organization that could be considered an agent of a candidate. It does, however, cooperate and work with other independent organizations.

Under the United State Supreme Court case Citizens United...

the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund is allowed to expressly advocate for the election or defeat of candidates, as long as the properly paper work is filed with the state disclosing our donors.  In addition, the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and is required to file periodic reports that disclose its donors and expenditures. These reports are publicly available on the Internet.

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